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Welcome To OrionCraft!

  Hello & welcome to my Website! I have created this server for people to come online & have fun on the server. This server features a lot of plugins that makes the server even better! 

Create your faction, invite friends, make an awesome base, raid your enemy's faction, & work as a team to protect your base.

OrionCraft was set up back in April of 2014. It was running on a 1.7 Craft Bukit version at the time. During the time of me & my Developer Nator had a server population of 200 players within the first 3-4 days of the server being open. Later that week it was being DDOS & Forced Op/hacked. I have learned never to be on a cracked server due to the fact that your server can be vulnerable. A CEO came to me this month of October & had given me this server for the next few months to work on & gain back those players that had helped the server grow! 

I remind all players to have fun & invite all your friends to this awesome server! 

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